March 28: Something on a Stick Day

Springtime ushers in a whole new season of slurping down popsicles and gnawing on shish kabobs. March 28th is celebrated worldwide as "Something on a Stick Day". It is believed that the origin of this holiday dates back to ancient days when merchants began selling skewered meats on a stick.

We invite you to join in this celebration by eating a lollipop, frozen banana or corn dog. However, if you are still trying to shed your holiday weight by watching your calories, you could simply celebrate by downloading a wallpaper of your favorite Riser Media team member "on a stick"!


Riser Media on a Stick

Mike on a Stick

Jeff on a Stick

Rachel on a Stick

Andrew on a Stick

Brent on a Stick

Will on a Stick

Merrick on a Stick

Kenneth on a Stick

Jared on a Stick

Nate on a Stick